Murphy Pendleton (Ryall Prison Jumpsuit) - Silent Hill: Downpour




Ever since I first saw the trailers for Downpour I was really intrigued by the idea of having an escaped prisoner as the protagonist, especially since they kept the fans in the dark about why he was imprisoned and we had to wait until playing the game to piece together his story. I also love that it’s another game in the series which focuses just on the main character’s own personal story rather than revolving around The Order trying to raise their demonic god yet again. I just think that they’ve done the whole cult thing enough times now and I find the idea of a character fighting their own personal demons more interesting and more substantial than fighting to stop the typical " big-baddie " kind of boss monster at the end.

For a long time I was in two minds about whether to cosplay as Murphy or not since he has quite heavy facial features which isn’t that well-suited to a female-to-male cross-play, but in the end I was swayed by his prison outfit. I just really love army-green / khaki / uniform-style outfits and I enjoyed Murphy’s story and character, so I figured that I’d just go for it and do it the best I can. A short way into the game he does actually change from his prison jumpsuit to a set of casual clothes, but I decided to stick with the jumpsuit since it has a much more distinctive and interesting design and he wears it during most of the important flashback scenes.

Other outfits he can wear include a plain army-green shirt with rolled-up sleeves and blue jeans which he changes into once he reaches the town and ditches his prison-wear ( what he wears during the majority of the gameplay ), an optional dark-blue " Route 95 " hoodie which you can obtain from completing one of the first side-quests, and an orange prison jumpsuit which he wears throughout the Overlook Penitentiary section of the game.

I debuted this on the Saturday of May Expo 2012 and got a better response to this cosplay than I was expecting. I’d been uncertain about cosplaying as Murphy since 1) I’ve only ever cross-played as clean-cut guys and was worried about messing up the facial make-up 2) my body-type isn’t the best-suited to him ( wide women’s hips and no part of the outfit that obscures them ) and 3) some people are a bit funny about the newer Silent Hill games ( yes, most of the standard monsters in Downpour were really quite poor and not actually Silent Hill-ish, but I felt that there were plenty of OTHER things that the game did in fact do very well and that I was impressed with ).

I was asked for photos 4 different times ( which is a lot for me since I don’t tend to get asked much ), someone recognised my character when I was browsing one of the stalls in the Expo hall, I was told the day before that I would be glomped for cosplaying as Murphy, and I spotted someone cosplaying as " green-shirt Murphy " on the Saturday and Sunday ( who I got a picture with when I cosplayed as Henry Townshend on the Sunday ) so I ended up feeling more confident about my choice of cosplay in the end =)

Many thanks to Shido for making the jumpsuit for me. The black top, boots and prop pipe I already owned and had used for my James Sunderland cosplay. I used the Ben Nye burn-wheel I had previously bought for my Mello cosplay to add the scar ( making sure to flick it out at each end ) and used brown eye-shadow applied and blended a little with a stiff stencil-brush to give the impression of the 5 o’clock shadow. I also subtly thickened up the appearance of my eyebrows a bit with a dark-brown eyebrow pencil and used more of the eye-shadow to lightly darken the curve of my chin and along the inner corners of my eyes below my brow-bone. For use as another prop I created the sign from Murphy’s prison mug-shot with Photoshop. After choosing a suitable typeface I selected that the text be recognised as a shape so that I could stretch and elongate the letters so that they could more closely match those used in the sign. I also took along the hand-cuffs from when I did my L cosplay. Thanks to Quinzel and Angelic-cat15 who both helped me take pictures =)

( if I get round to editing out the neon-orange Expo band from each of my favourite shots then I will most likely re-upload the edited versions )


Han Hyuga posted on 31 May, 2012 - 20:32
Looks pretty swag! Shame I didn't see you at MCM, so would've took a picture of you!

Tsuchinoko posted on 31 May, 2012 - 22:56
Thanks a lot, I'm glad that you like how it turned out =) I spent more time outside and in the car-park than in the Expo hall since it was so crowded and hot.