Plan 1211 ALASTOR (Mask Only v1) - Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

In Progress




A mid term plan to make the miniturised AS suit ALASTOR, as seen an a bodyguard to Leonard Testarossa.

As a primary objective I am planning to only do the mask and cowl/cape with a longer term objective to construct the whole armor.

The mask's base I am thinking of using a fencing mask and attaching the armored strips to it the glowing eyes are likely to be spray painted or with luck LED.


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Progress Journal

1st June 2012

Got the mask

Have acquired a mask for use as a base, instead of a fencing mask have sourced an Airsoft BB mask whilst not as large visibility and requiring a second layer of mesh and an overall spray of black paint it should prove better in the long run with more flexibility and ease to attach the detailing...I hope!