Haru (Ballgown Version) - The Cat Returns





Well what can I say? I am a cat lover so naturally I would want to do a costume from Studio Ghiblis The Cat Returns featuring Haru
the human girl and the Baron of the cat detective agency. During one of the scenes in the movie Haru wears this incredible ball
gown. My friend invited me to a Ghibli cosplay gathering so I thought this would be a great costume to make and wear for it.
Regretfully though it rained on the day of the event and I cancelled.

Oh where to begin? The entire thing is made from yellow cottons but the fabric itself was pretty thin so i interfaced the whole thing
with light weight stabilizer. There is about 8 yards of fabric total on the dress so it took me the better part of a whole day trying to
iron interface the thing. I used a simplicity elizabethan pattern slightly modified at the sleeves for this.

The wire frame heart behind my head is aluminum wiring with black fishnet glued to the frame. The head band and necklace are
air dry clay. The neck ruffles were made from cotton eyelet and glued onto a plastic sheet with a hole cut out for my neck.

I am sad i did not get to wear this dress to its intended event but maybe i can do something with it this spring.


j_mercuryuk posted on 30 May, 2012 - 07:56
Beautiful dress. This is one of those costumes that you never see done, so I'm so happy to see this, especially as you did such a wonderful job on it.