Ranka Lee - Macross Frontier





"Aimo aimo, Neederu ruushe, Noina miria, Enderu purodea, Fotomi" ~ Ranka Lee


Ive recently started watching Macross Frontier and I love Ranka! x33

So yeah, Ive decided I want to cosplay her for whichever event I decide on doing next xD

Will be slimming down for this one (Eating healthier, More cardio exercises rather than strength at the gym and hopefully I will be a more Petite build like Ranka :3)

UPDATE: 10/09/12

Shived back into 'Planned' because Paddra Nsu-Yeul has taken over my Cosplay Priorities ^^;

But I will get Ranka done at some point!


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Progress Journal

12th June 2012

Slooooow Progress

I have decided to throw this into 'In progress' since I am slowly making progress.
So ive been looking at wigs and I think this one (In the image) is the one I want, since its styled quite well and its not super shiny like some of the others I have found,, so this looks promising right now (Its from the Seller 'wigfashion' on Ebay)

So yeah, Slooooooooooooooow progress, but I wanna do a good job on this since its going to be my first EVER cosplay in which I am going to entirely make myself (Okay maybe with a little bit of help, BUT its not going to be an outfit bought from Ebay like my previous ones, Its gonna be all hand Sewn by meeee x3)