PLD Mithra (Paladin AF) - FFXI




I was going to wear this at AmeCon 07 but laziness and bad time management meant I didn't have it finished in time >.<;;

I've got the clothes and the body armour done, I just need to finish the leg armour and make myself a sword and shield. I also want to make a Windurst flag and maybe parade around the World of Warcraft section XD

==Update 10/9/08==
This was worn at the London Expo 07 and although it wasn't complete, I still wanted to wear it since I spent quite a long time making it >.>;

But after hours of trying to make the leg armour work and failing, I decided to give up, it's just too hard for me to make ><; FFXI armour can be really pretty but they have soo much detail which makes them hard to make >.>; so this is going to remain incomplete.

I may try and remake this costume if I'm brave enough to try again >.>;


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