Random Zombie (Bloody edition ;D) - SHAUN OF THE DEAD





Random two hours for me and mi amigo. Basically, we were watching Shaun of the dead and I said, Oh, Lets be zombies.

So we did.

White t-Shirt from Primark i think, I got it a size too big so it looked better, then I painted my hand with red face paint and did a couple hands across my shirt, then flicked facepaint at it, and smeared it across, adding bits of black face paint to look dirty.

For the face, we used white facepaint with black to make a grey type look, then used black around the eyes and blended it. Around the mouth was a red facepaint mixed with black to look darker for a blood effect.

On my neck, there is a line of darkened red face paint surrounded by dripping red face paint which is really easy, you just have to make sure you blend it well~


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