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Amecon 2012


I wore this for a Sabrie era group but to be honest, the costume itself was a mess. I had far too many other costume commitments at the time, balanced with university deadlines so this was very rushed. Although the fabric was nice, I really hashed the fitting of it so it looked pretty bad on me, and it was my first time making a cape which really shows.
I wasn't happy with the wig for this too as on the day, there was such a rush getting ready I never managed to style it how I wanted.
Costume has since been thrown out and wig has been restyled.

TheDevineDarkness posted on 14 June, 2013 - 11:27
Love this!! - Mistress The Deivine Darkness

under top (black polerneck and arm warmers)
medallion necklace

Total cost: £0.00

30th June 2012


coat is sewn together - not perfect but to make it so i'd have to start again from scratch. need to add on trim and buttons. ordered the necklaces and going shopping for shoes next week. sewing cape together tomorrow.

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