Soul Eater Evans - Soul Eater


If I'm going to be perfectly honest, my mother actually made the vast majority of this, I only contributed to the YELLOW SOUL patterns on the front and back.
It's been growing slowly over time, and this is the version I debuted in. Some people still remember when it didn't have the massive frills on it. (Again, courtesy of my mother)

Since MAY EXPO has just passed I should have some photos with the scythe, which was recently completed.
It was actually my friend who suggested that I should cosplay Soul several years ago as I was unsure on who to cosplay as. I think she made a pretty good suggestion considering I've worn it to almost every EXPO and other event. I adore Souls character, especially love the fact like he plays piano much like myself!

It's actually very comfortable to wear, but doesn't do well in extreme cold, or extreme hot.

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