Misa Armane - Deathnote




With this costume i wanted to try and create the look of the live action Misa instead of the Anime version. As this was to be my first cosplay i wanted to buy most of the stuff for it instead of making as my sewing skills are beyond terrible. I wanted to create a misa cosplay because Deathnote is my favourite anime although Misa isnt my favourite character i was part of a group and so choose Misa over L. I found it quite hard to find a decent gothic black dress in many different stores so i ended up at Dorothy Perkins buying a small black skater dress so i could customize it up instead. I found a small cross necklace and a skull badge that i could pin to the front of the dress and knee high socks. I wasnt planning on using a blonde wig for the hair but use my own hair as its already quite dark i didnt have to dye it. On the day i would tie it back in two ponytales on each side for the Misa look. The one thing that i failed on with this cosplay was the shoes. I think if i had done it differently i perhaps could have customised some bulkier shoes to make them more Gothic. On expo day as it was in October it was still quite warm so i felt really comfortable in the dress as it was easy to move around in. Overall i am fairly pleased with my first attempt but im sure i will try it again and do some other things differently.