Genevieve til Baudfert - Flight of the Valkyrie (Steampunk)


London MCM Expo October 2008

Best Entertainment - London MCM Expo October 2008




I didn't expect cosplaying as an original character would be so much fun. But lo and behold, it was the best cosplaying experience I've had yet.

Genevieve (aka, Gen) is a character from Sean Bonnar's soon-to-be Steampunk novel 'Flight of the Valkyrie'. I conceived her, and Sean wrote her into the story =3
She's such a fun character, both to read about, and to be. Sean's excellent authoring skills make me proud to call her my own, and I feel privileged to be involved in the crew of the Valkyrie.

Gen is the engineer of the Valkyrie. She was born an aristocrat, but she ran away to join the crew so she could tinker with the machinery she so loved. She was welcomed on board with open arms by the Count, whom Gen soon developed feelings for. Gen is responsible for maintenance of the ship, and also creating and servicing the gadgets the other members of the crew use. She works closely with the scientist, Aurora. On boarding missions, she uses her giant wrench as a weapon - made for me by Death May Die - which has the ability to shoot electricity, and also a bladed edge for close combat.

The hardest part of the costume was most certainly the wrench. Not for me, mind. But Alex spent hours making the darn thing, and it certainly shows, in my opinion. He fit it perfectly to my grasp, and there is even a perfect gap for me to fit my shoulder to support it. The trigger is exactly the same size as my finger, and the weapon is both perfect in size and weight. I'm so happy with it. I think it was actually my favourite part of the costume <3

The rest of the costume was my doing. A few pieces were bought, to give them a higher quality look. I made the waistcoat, however, myself. The buttons are amazing. You probably can't see them, but they have little anchors on them =3
The wig was actually the wrong one! I ordered one from eBay, and when it arrived, it was completely different. But as it turns out, I like the one I recieved better anyway =P

Thanks so much to the guys of Random Accent for a great time while I wore this costume. I had such an amazing day! We managed to scoop the award for the best entertainment category, which I am so proud of.

Overall, this has (surprisingly to me) been the costume that has recieved the best response, and is most certainly one of my favourites!

If you want to read more about the crew of the Valkyrie, please visit sjbonnar on deviantart, where you can find the chapters that have been written so far!


kimpey posted on 6 December, 2008 - 16:18
great group and you fit right in love all the bits and bobs. keep up the great ideas.

Adamoluna posted on 6 December, 2008 - 23:25
so cute! :3 great costume, I'm happy I got to see you on stage!

Amy-Lou posted on 8 December, 2008 - 22:27
When you first added this it had concept sketches I think. The finished thing looks exactly like I remember them! There's so much character in your design, it really shows through, and I loved the group performance :D

Ragepotato posted on 9 December, 2008 - 09:06
You guys were made of utter win at the london expo ^______^ Well done and keep it up!

Captain_Marvelous posted on 9 June, 2009 - 12:22
Always peeped at the Valkyrie Groups on each seperate pages but I always wondered about your outfit it fit in so well, you did an amazing job and for such a budget, well done :)

Leadmill posted on 22 August, 2009 - 22:13
Gen for the win, one of my fav of your costumes!

My__RoadOfBlood posted on 6 December, 2010 - 23:11
Wow this looks brilliant!