Ashitaka - Princess Mononoke

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Had wanted to do this for ages, pretty much since I started cosplay, finally got a reason to: this is for the CS Ghibli meet in July, with Laura as San.

UPDATE: CATASTROPHE OCCURRED AND I COULDN'T WEAR THIS. D: May still finish for a shoot at some point.


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Progress Journal

22nd July 2012


Ripped this the day before the meet and didn't have the fabric to fix it, so it's back on the back burner until I decide I actually want to come back to it. Made a quick, last-minute thing for the meet instead.

14th June 2012

Kimono finished

This is what I achieved this afternoon. Yay me! Not very happy with the neckline, but really not bothered enough about this costume in general to improve it.

12th June 2012


The wig arrived and I look awful in it, so here's a low-quality picture of me looking like a Beatles reject. Not gonna complain for the amount I got it for though, the wig is decent enough, I just don't suit it at all. XD

23rd May 2012


My new sewing machine arrived today and I tried it out by doing the sleeves.

I'm a derp and forgot to take a picture while they were tied round me, so have non-wearing photo. It just means less unnecessary topless photos of me on the internet, which we can all agree is a good thing.

Need to do something with the thumbholes to neaten them up, but dealing with circles is the least fun, so I'll do it when I'm not tired.