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I love Transformers, and I really like Miko from Transformers Prime. She's cute but isn't afraid to get rough, and I love the partnership she has with Bulkhead in the series.

I didn't think I'd ever actually cosplay Miko (mostly because of the wig I'd have to work on, eep!), but after sorting through my leftover fabric from past projects, I realised I had quite a lot of what I would need to make her outfit. After some debating and coming to the conclusion that I probably wouldn't have any other use for the materials I'd use up, I decided to go ahead and start making her. When I found a Jack in a friend, that gave me even more motivation to start - and when we found out that Ernie Hudson (the voice of Agent Fowler in Transformers Prime) would be at the con we were going to wear them at, that sealed the deal!

Both of the shirts were made from cotton jersey with bias bindings for all of the trims. The robot design on the front of the blue vest is made from felt and sewn on. The shorts were a pair of my old jeans that had worn through in places, so I shortened them and re-hemmed them. The boots are my Lara Croft boots, restrung with purple laces instead of ivory. The leggings were made from two different Lycra fabrics - I made two pairs of leggings (one in each colour) then chopped them up and sewed them together to made the wide stripes.

The earrings were bought and the wristband was a bunch of fabric scraps that I sewed together in about ten minutes. It is secured around my wrist with a little piece of Velcro. The belt is buckram covered in yellow PVC with a craft foam belt buckle covered in silver leather look fabric. The plushies are made from jersey and felt scraps that I had, and they are stuffed with regular toy stuffing.

The wig was an adventure from start to finish - I first ordered a long black wig and some clip-on ponytails from separate sellers on eBay. The wig arrived no problem, but the ponytails never did (needless to say, that seller got some well-deserved negative feedback). After some discussion with a friend, I bought some black and pink wefts and a couple of foam balls, and he made foam core pigtails for me that are permanently attached to the wig. I sewed the pink streaks into the wig, and he styled the fringe while I did the ponytail at the back. I am very happy with it overall!


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That's cool with me :B I have Sari planned anyway. OR I COULD BRING BEE OUT AGAIN OF COURSE

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Progress Journal

5th May 2014

Two years later...

Good lord it's been nearly two years since I worked on this. Ugh.

So now that I finally have somewhere to wear Miko to (and a Jack Darby to wear it with!) I'm finishing Miko off at last. I made the plushies today while having a Transformers Prime marathon with one of my sisters.

The belt has given me no end of trouble - I tried making one out of foam and fabric, decided I hated it and binned it. Then I bought a yellow belt which turned out to be too short to go around my hips (although I have since put it to use in my everyday wardrobe, so not a complete loss), and now I've ordered a metre of yellow PVC to give making it another go. Argh.

The wig pieces are on order; hopefully sewing in the pink wefts won't give me too much trouble, and neither will the pigtails. But we'll see.

I also redid my shorts - I can't carry off shorts very well as it is (they make me look stumpy) but I shortened them a little more and hopefully they look much better now.

18th June 2012


Earrings have been bought, leggings were finished last night :B

17th June 2012


The fabric that I ordered for the leggings arrived last week, and today they are a-go-go :B I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to making the stripes - not that it'll be difficult, just tedious, probably.

Also forgot to mention that I finished the undershirt a while ago.

29th May 2012

Late night sewing

I couldn't sleep due to the heat (it's so warm at the moment! @__@), so I decided to do some late night sewing, and I've finished Miko's shorts now :D

27th May 2012

Ring ring!

I wasn't going to have any props for this costume, but I've acquired a (broken) pink flip phone and thought it'd be good for Miko. It won't switch on, but it's not like I need it to, as it's only going to be used for photos.

23rd May 2012


Overshirt's done, shorts have been started. Also started and completed the wristband today.

22nd May 2012


Started working on this costume on Monday after a raid through my leftover fabric...

The pink undershirt's tacked together, although I still need to cut some sleeves out of the fabric I have. After I've run the pieces through the machine I'll just need to stitch the purple trim on and it'll be done :D

The blue overshirt is nearly done too; I just need to make the green robot logo and put it on the shirt. I'll probably make it out of felt or something.

I also have some jeans to cut up into shorts too :)