Tekkaman Blade - Tekkaman Blade (Technoman)





I have never seen this cosplay done soo im determind to do it, i dont know when i will have it finished for, hopefully one of the MCM expos this year, if not def next year as im tight on funds and time cos of work and rent.


Rwylin posted on 12 December, 2008 - 10:23
i cant fucking wait to see this, i love tekkaman blade and have always wanted to do a cosplay but dont have the funds, time, or experance. If i see u at the expo can i bug you for lots of hugs and pics?? (i spose in that u would be hard to miss lol)

Shenny posted on 22 September, 2009 - 12:17
FUCKING WIN! I've wanted to do Blade/Slade for ages. I've always invisioned walking onstage as Pegus and then emerging fully transformed. Best of luck with it!

Progress Journal

22nd April 2009


im def not gunna have this finished by the may expo.... stuff in RL has gone down the pan and i dunno if i will be able to go to the expo itself let alone get this cosplay.
for the moment the cosplay is on hold but i will pick it up and finish it when i have more time and money.

10th January 2009


i have made the arms of the cosplay, waiting for some liquid latex to turn up as it leaves a good finish, dunno if it will work on craft foam but its worth a try.

24th December 2008

craft foam

so not (will have to be after christmas day at lest) im gunna start on the head, wish me luck guys!!!!

8th December 2008

in the making

right ive read on the net that craft foam is a good and cheep way to make armour so im gunna go to my local craft store and get some, im going to try making the head first see how that comes out, then if all goes well move on to the arms, then the legs, then the feet, only once those are finished will i try the chest armour as it will take the longest time, if funds and making all go im RL as they do in my head then i may even have it finished by may expo.
if so look out for a tekkaman blade on the tube guys lmao!!!

4th December 2008

planning stage

tekkaman blade is in the planning stage at the moment, just making sketches and stuff of the design and tring to find ref pics, the full body pic is just to give ppl an idea of wot im going to do, im going to try the less spike version.
will upload pictures of the version i want to do when i have them.