Haruno Sakura (Time-skip manga version) - Naruto


AmeCon 2007




Again... I'm not confident enough my sewing abilities to try and do something totally from scratch. So I bought the top and white skirt. They were perfect though, I was really pleased with how they turned out (eBay again!).

I bought a pair of leggings from Primark, cut them off and sewed the bottoms up to make the shorts. The legs that were left, I hemmed, and used those for the tops of her weird boot-sandal things.
The sandals, however, I did make. Using the bottoms from t-bar sandals, I used some sturdy furniture fabric to make those.
The gloves were elbow length ones bough from the Joke shop, I folded them down to get the right cuffs and I still have yet to sew them in place ^^
I got some elbow things with the top and skirt, but they're incredibly uncomfortable to wear since they have no give at all. I made some out of jersey-type material I got from college and plan to use them next time.
Wig and headband both bough too, and easy to work and wear.

This is probably my favourite cosplay so far, since it's highly recognisable and fun and COMFORTABLE to wear. Naruto is one of my favourite series, so I'm showing the love :3


dead z posted on 12 September, 2007 - 20:15
good choise using sakura totaly cool and recogniseable

Arianna posted on 13 September, 2007 - 17:13
Its an awesome costume ^_^ Really well made as well ^_^ (Random yay for the pic with me as Sasuke ^_^ )