Kiriko Hattori (ninja suit) - Enka Odo Dai Shogun / Art of Shunya Yamashita



Had this up before, but took it down after having second thoughts of worrying not being able to pull it off well, but I'm in love with the designand really wanna give it a go, it's simple, but sexy, a bit like Taki from SC series, and I absolutely adore Yamashita's art as he's also my top favourite japanese artist, and I've always wanted to do a few of his works/art peices, even though most of them are very scantaly clad, but there are some that dont show so much skin (yay), either way I'll just have to work out more and get trim for them all and feel more confident in myself.

Been working on the leg armour (no pics, I keep forgetting to up load em, sorry) and bought a pair of strap heels that should go well with it. Hopefully I'll be able to wear it when it's fully finished later on in the year and beginning of next year :).
Also thinking of working on her kimono outfit for Hyper Japan, but I'll see how things turn out first.

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