nurse - Silent Hill




This was worn at Exeter expo which was the first time I had ever worn it out I was able to meet The amazing Scarey Knights who were freddy and pinhead, Im going to be wearing it to October expo 2012 where I have sorted my shoes to match more with the outfit.
I smell HIGHLY of coffee so anyone walking past me will take a nice smell. The mask i hope to make better in future time so I can just remove it and re place on. I enjoy being a nurse because I can wonder around doing the walk and scare people.
With the dress I know it has all the nurse writing on it but I do like the way it looks but if anyone can help and show me a different version to do the dress that would be ace.


Ria posted on 24 June, 2012 - 22:47
Wow that looks really good! The dress looks amazing :)

Sammymisa posted on 25 June, 2012 - 08:11
awwww thank you its not done yet <3

Progress Journal

10th January 2013


Ah lovely I have another lot of photos to place up soon <3

5th November 2012


Ok going to try and buy a prober mask for this! i have been told for about 50 pound Smart FX can help make this better by adding latex to the dress and creating the mask from latex, banages and such like

25th June 2012


yeah because of the amount of coffee staining the dress smells like coffee when someone has died. cosplay with a smell