Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist


AmeCon 2006


My first ever cosplay. I bought it from eBay, and wasn't disappointed with the quality.
Rather than stupidly attempt to make it, I decided to buy it and enjoy the cosplaying experience first ^^

It was a mare trying to find a short sleeve black turtle-neck in JUNE, so I actually just put on a blink-182 t-shirt backwards. Which kinda failed, since I spent most of the convention with the jacket off. Anyone behind me would have been surprised to find Riza a fan of pop-punk.

The boots are army surplus boots I had from my cadet days. The gun I got about an hour before the convention in some shop, and the hair clip and earrings were from Claire's accessories.

Lovelovelove wearing this! It makes me look nice, I think, and everyone loves FMA :)

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