Tony Tony Chopper
One Piece

Cosplayer: ThePlough

Variant: Heavy Point

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Solaria avatar

Solaria - 15th May 2012
OMG YES <3 You'll ace this

Tony-Jay avatar

Tony-Jay - 16th May 2012
Can't wait to see you pull this off :D

Berserk667 avatar

Berserk667 - 16th May 2012
Going to look awesome dude!

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 2nd June 2012

SnowmanKline avatar

SnowmanKline - 6th June 2012
DUDE you look awesome!!

Emzone avatar

Emzone - 6th June 2012
so fabulous

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 6th June 2012
Just totes amazebals dude