Amaimon the Earth King - Ao no Exorcist


Dee-Con 2012




I love my Amaimon cosplay, it is one of my favourites.
My friends and I bought Ao No Exorcist cosplays all together for a group at Dee-con and also to make skits for our YouTube channel : TrancyEstate .
Sadly, I didn't make this cosplay. I planned to make it myself but due to lack of time etc I ended up ordering it from a site called Ezcosplay.
Although I did make my prop myself, Behemoth.
I made it from a space hopper haha! ^^
I bought a normal space hopper, then bought all the material and made a cover for the space hopper and added all the details, I also cut up some belts and attached them to chains etc.

My favourite part of the cosplay has to be the coat.
It is literally twice the size of me !
It is a pain to carry around but it looks amazing in photos <3.


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