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I'm trying to be original and make something look pretty for myself, here XD plus, my old outfit was...pretty bad :I so, being able to re-make it in my own way is a good excuse XD


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Progress Journal

1st July 2012


OVER 2 WEEKS TO GO. BOINK(I've been playing too much TF2, clearly).
But, I had to rush through the cuffs seeing as I have just over 2 weeks to get Cyber Neko Kaito done for Jess.
But, to explain, the soundboards on the cuffs are a little odd.
One is facing the back, the other is facing the front. Yes, I did this on purpose. I, at first, wanted them to face the sides so they'd both be visible, but then I just wanted them to look completely different. I don't really want them to perfectly match...I dunno why...I'd just feel...weird...I pinned them on perfectly at first and it, to me...looked too perfect.
But I do like it. I dunno why, but part of me doesn't feel too good in it...it's a little odd...
I'll put up a picture at some point soon. Too tired right now XD

16th June 2012

.:New head Set:.

I don't get it either.
I've re-painted the head phones...ish.
But the main thing is I have a new mic. Not a real one...but fuck it.
Made it out of wire and covered it with pipe cleaners so, if it hits me in the face, it shouldn't stab me.

8th June 2012


I don't know why, but someone asked me what trousers I'm using.
May as well just post it up here or something :I
I'm using plain jeans. I didn't want to go into huge detail on trousers. Not sure what kind of trousers yet, but just...plain black jeans. May go and buy a new pair to make sure that they look decent.

8th June 2012


Wow, I'm actually alive.
For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to redesign the boots...and all I can really do is put some bias binding on them at some point if I have any left, to at least make them look decent.
Even then, I'll probably only be glueing it on...maybe not even that...hand sewing...kill me ;-;
So far, I am classing them as done, though because, for the most part, they are what I wanted. if Bias binding doesn't look right, then I'm leaving them as they are. Basic black boots with a bit of blue on one part of them...
These fuckers are gonna be attached to my freaking jeans...

24th May 2012


Did these yesterday, but I can confirm that my technique has worked.
I wanted at least a tint of blue on the gloves, and the tint is visible...to an extent. If you look close at them you can see them pretty well.
All I actually did for the gloves was use an old pair of leather gloves that I wasn't going to use again and just cut off the fingers.
So I used the fabric paint, which I knew didn't work on dark clothes, to paint on parts of the gloves so you can't see it easily, but it can be seen.

23rd May 2012

.:Head Set:.

Bought a £1 head set and I've done this XD
I've painted them with fabric paint, so it'll probably chip off, but it's the only paint I have and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get out to buy more. Plus I'm running through this cosplay a bit quickly. I shouldn't be D: I'm getting too into it...2 months ahead of schedule. Woah, shit, dude.
...I may start adding stuff just to make it go slower ;-;
But, I digress.
The actual 'microphone' area is just a pipe cleaner, because the wire I'd planned to use was a bit stupid and wouldn't agree with me. The pipe cleaners were there. And I love shaking my head and having wigs fluff around, so this is probably the same.
Except it'll hit me in the face a lot.
Worth it.

23rd May 2012

.:Suspenders and Thigh Strap:.

Well, those are done and painted.
I was going to make the strap so that it would pin on, but it seems to stay on fine and cling to my trousers. USEFUL. I ended up just sewing it together really thickly so it wouldn't break. Just in case, I'll have it pinned on to make sure it doesn't fly off if it does break.
The suspenders were easy. I'd bought a blue pair I found in a fancy dress shop (near the kinky outfit section...did not enjoy looking around there...but it was mainly those frilly neon skirts...S'ALL GOOD.) and I'd just painted them (it's also what I made the strap out of). The paint soaks in pretty well, so that's pretty damn useful and they look great right now.
I don't have a picture, as it'd look the same, so, when they're dry, I'll put them on and take some photos if I can be bothered.
Also, just adding, I'm wondering if I should bother making specific gloves...really, having them look all fancy and designed might be a bit over board, so I'll think about it. Plus, they're leather, so sewing stuff onto them will be a pain for me...plus I got a lot to do before the con.
Meh, we'll see.

20th May 2012

.:Arm Band:.

Okay, the arm band was easy enough but it looks nice and I want to brag.
I'm going to keep it on with a safety pin almost like...Haruhi Suzumiya? The baggy arm band that is held on with a saftey pin? Like that.
It took like, what...thirty minutes? Which is good.
Just made the base out of the black material, hemmed it with nice, shiny, ribbon like bias binding (it's so slippery that it was annoying JHBUKCBEUR-/jumps off a cliff). My gosh- it's so shiny and pretty looking...ish...bits went wrong and I was just staring at it for a few minutes...or glaring...not sure...
My mother now thinks I'm insane.
I simply painted on the number with no stencil or anything (that's how we roll in the shire) and I'm not sure if I'll add more to it or not. Maybe a few dots. I just wanted it to represent Miku's number, but not painted onto the dress shirt because that could ruin it...and the dye.