Lightning (Claire) Farron (XIII Soldier Uniform) - Final Fantay XIII



With XIII-2 now out, I decided to go through Lightning's costumes as a cosplay challenge, so XIII, XIII-2 and Dissidia, starting with XIII. So far so good though, as I've already got the Shioulder armour, necklace, black sleeve and belt, and I'm juggling thi with two other cosplays! 0.0

So the Shoulder Armour Lightning wears with her uniform... I had a look for reference on cosplay sites first and was surprised to find how bad the quality of the brought armour actually is! Half of them come with the cosplay itself, and the armour is made entirely out of fabric! Now that might just me by opinion, but it looked... kind of tacky. So I set to making mine. The base of my shoulder armour was made from cardboard, which went surprisingly well. The top part of the armour was made from two peices shaped, ent and tuck together, and the second peice was bent to shape then attatched with more cardboard made into loops (it moves like the armour in the game this way). Then it was covered to death in glue and paper, which gave it the hard texture of armour, and the details were made by adding strips of cardboard to the base. The little catches where the armour attatches to the coat were made with plit pin (I didn't have anything else at hand), and the whole thing was painted in acrylic. Overall, it's my favourite thing so far, and it turned out so well to say what it's made from!

The necklace was fiddly. I looked it up on google, and noody really knows why it's there! I alway thought it was a pair of army tags (Found a picture where the necklace had a second tag with 'Lightning' written in Cucoon). This part was simply made with Fimo, baked and then painted. I added a couple of gemstones aswell as I think there's a pink stone in the official one.

The belt is a soft leather one in black (I know Light's is brown, ut it'll do) that I already own. It's good because it's quite long so you get the bit that hangs like the one in the game. The sleeve was pretty straightforward too, as I cut up a pair of opaque tights (I own many)so that it fitted like a glove.

I'll update as I make more parts, but that's it so far! :D Next thing, wig and coat...this will be fun!

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