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The songs so cuuute~~

Had to cancel this for Ame, I am still working on my Masqu cosplay, save me...


Viola posted on 17 May, 2012 - 10:13
Cute : D

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Progress Journal

19th May 2012


Basically all I need now is some black and pink ribbon and I have everything ready for this. Well everything ordered n ready to be made/edited. My wig is in the post and so are my shoes and the stripe fabric I need now to hope it's thick enough or I'll need to add a lining @_@

18th May 2012


I got good red acrylic paint today! Suprisingly out the Poundland shop :D so cherry process has been made ^_^

17th May 2012

What I bought thus far

So I left my list of stuff to buy at home so I had to use my brain, which wasnt working to well yeterday I can essure you... ¬_¬;

I got the yellow fabric for the bows it might be too bright unfortunatly but I couldnt find any lighter andI got some wadding to bad them out a wee bit with. I then bought green fabric to make the strips around the sock and gloves.
When I was in the artstore, because my searches online for plushie cherrys where megafail, I went in and bought clear plastic christmas baubles to paint red on the inside and green felt for the stock n leafs.

Upon returning home I discover I have no Red Acrylic left. Fantastical?