Shunka Warakin - Original (Lorien Trust system LARP)

In Progress




(pictures soon)

Currently working on a costume revamp for my hyena-inspired orky character for LARP.

Learning from the first outing of the character last year, I've got some changes planned.

> More body coverage to reduce the daft amount of time getting into makeup (stippling hyena spots onto my arms, neck and face for 2 hours, whilst everyone else is having fun hitting things? Cheers. Nope.) So I'll be wearing a foam/latex mask and have my arms fully covered this time

> As I'll be my group's tank this year; I've got a heavy armour build planned, taking a lot of inspiration from the concept art of Hellboy 2 (Particularly Mr Wink and the Butcher Guards)for shapes and styling.
Most of the build will be done with EVA foam, hot glue, additional bits like brass studs, and disguised backpack webbing/clips holding it together.


Numta posted on 14 May, 2012 - 11:28
Sounds ace dude! Can't wait to see some pics!

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