Tsukumoya Shinichi (Snarky faceless cyberthing with a face) - Durarara!!



Okay, so this is my obsession with this series taking on weird new depths.
Tsukumoya Shinichi is an observer of Tokyo, he has written numerous books are the various districts and their distinct personalites. He also runs an information service from a password secure chatroom.
He is online 24/7, he is always available on his chatroom.
He also knows more than Izaya and likes to rub it in his face constantly.

There isn't a character design for him as he only exists in a chat room, and most likely doesn't have a body.
So yeah, Pixiv based design.

Most likely will be put on hold until I find an Izaya that doesn't mind hanging around with a faceless snarky cyberthing.
If YOU can find me an Izaya, or you are that Izaya that knows who this character is, please PM me <3

Tsukumoya Shinichi appears from Durarara light novel 4
So if we got a second series he would most likely be the first character of the first scene.

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