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Memorabilia / MCM Expo March 2012

I won the MCM masquerade for the Junior cosplay section


My first half decent cosplay! Lulu's costume was so amazing I had to set myself a challenge creating her full belted gown from the game, and all the hairsticks, necklaces (and a moogle) to go with it (also, the balance was tipped by my evil and cynical friend telling me that I looked a bit like Lulu when I showed her the reference picture XD). I'm really pleased with the costume, and it was surprisingly comfy to walk around Expo in! However, for anyone planning on making this costume, be careful sewing on the belts! Mine were all done by hand, and I hurredly added a final belt, which came loose in a caramelldansen with my friend and had to be pinned!

Ok, so here's how I made the costume part by part:

The accessories were made first, as I was weighing up the price of buying the rest at this point. The hairsticks were made from a set of old paintbrushes I no longer needed, and it was a complicated process too, as Lulu has a strange collection of hair ornaments! Mine don't look EXACTLY like hers but they give the kind of impression I was going for. Two of the hairsticks were made by taping the paintbrushes together, and then all of them were painted with several coats of acrylic. The big yellow hairstick Lulu wears on the top right (if you're looking at the hair from the back) was made with two paintbrushes (bristles cut off btw) painted yellow and a large green bead glued to the top. The one below it was a single hairstick painted blue and with a red bead, and then a string of pearls and red crystals hanging from it. The top hairstick on the left was slightly more complicated, made with two sticks painted blue and a blue flower shaped gem glued to it. The flower shape was made by seed beads strung on elastic (although it was really fiddly so I strongly recommend wire). Finally, the one beneath the flower hearstick was made by litterally glueing a broken peice of tiara (it was in the shape of flowers so I kept it for future use :3) to the end of a single blue painted hairstick, and then using a large jumpring to attatch some sort of crystal peice to it (i have yet to find out what the hell I did to make that damn thing 0.o)

That's the complicated stuff over with, if you fail to understand, you're obviously normal xD Even I don't get it! Anyway, the earrings and necklaces were easier, the first mecklace which appears in the game to be made out of pearls was made by litterally just stringing together some small pearl beads, although I added some larger white crystal beads to add the shape. The second was made with green pony beads (yeah, I was on a budget and they were lying around doing nothing) in between some rolled up paper beads painted red, which I'd learned how to make years ago! The third and final necklace was made with clay beads as I couldn't find the right shaped ones anywhere! I also used the same clay to make the earrings.

The Dress itself was the main problem, and I ended up making it in three parts: dress, sleeves and fur. The fur was easy enough, as I had a fur scarf and a very large safety pin at my disposal, the scarf was pinned at the front of the dress. The main dress I picked up from a charity shop, it was a plain sleeveless backless dress (although Lulu's has a back, it still ended up looking really nice). First thing was the bodice, a pain in the backside! I ended up faking it, and lining where it would be with a white velvet ribbon, fortunately, it worked out, and the bones in the bodice made it look just fine! I also cut a large section out of the front of the dress to add some belts I had butchered beforehand (it worked fine, but I think I'll still make a wire peticoat to go underneath it next time I cosplay) All f the belts were hand sewn, and I'll stress it now that these MUST be attatched well, particularly if you intend on caramelldansen! ;P I also lined where I'd cut with black ribbon, as it hid the very bad job I'd made of the hem. Although I'd love to have done the proper embroidery seen on the game, I hadn't the time or skill, so I used fabric glue and white lace. Finally, the sleeves were a pair of cut up black trousers which were made of a stretchy material which didn't frey, and already had the perfect bell shape. I used belts to hold them up (as the sleeves on Lulu's dress in the game do have belts on them anyway), and the rest of the white lace to trim it.

The moogle was a last minute addition, and was made (badly) like any simple soft toy, with painted and glued features. He was sort of ugly really, but it didn't matter as it was very Luluish anyway!

I'll add in some notes on the hair, as not all of the hair was mine. xD I had some dark extentions which I put into four plaits and tied with some large hairclips. My hair's layered so I could sort of get the fringe, and I tied the rest of my hair in a simple bun with the extentions pinned in the back.

On a whole, it was pretty god for my first cosplay, and well, it won me a prize in the masquerade! Although advice to any cosplayers out there being Lulu, If I could do it again, there'd be a wire peticoat and that darn hairstick would be made with wire!

Alix Ruin posted on 8 May, 2012 - 18:45
I love Lulu

CybelleDeHamphir posted on 11 May, 2012 - 12:22
Me too, she's ace! xD

29th June 2014

more alterations for November?

New wig might be a good idea, new hair sticks and embroidery on lace (inc. Stocking) use FFXIII leg bag to carry stuff around con and add pocket in new mog

29th June 2014

Re working for next con!

Main alteration: make a crinoline style underskirt completely out of belts. Others -re attach loose lace or take it off completely and embroider it -re hem overskirt -new mog? -small bustle pillow? -new corset

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