misa amane (first meets light) - Death Note


this is my very first cosplay. it's not not going to be ready for the may expo 2012 so i'm aiming for October instead.
i have already got parts of it started and will be hopefully uploading pics soon.

Starla posted on 3 June, 2012 - 20:56
Awesome ^^ Looking forward to see this ^^ It's one of my favourites ^^ A friend of mine did the same costume so do poke if you need help or something ^^

main outfit
make earrings
style wig
fabric black (4 meters)
make up
blue conatacts
misa necklace

Total cost: £0.00

15th October 2012

very slow progress

Well at last I can say the all the pieces for Misa's dress have finally been cut out. I just need to pin them together and see if it fits me, I know that it's going to be a bit big on me, but I'm going to pin in place then sew it all together, then after that I just need to shroten the skirt create the sweet heart neckline and thin the shoulder straps 0_0. I also have to change the idea that I had on how to do the corset detail as a lot of the fabric was used on the skirt pieces so I'm going to have to be a bit creative with what I have been left with and maybe a ceral box. As for the wig again progress is slow but I have made a start on cutting the bangs. After that I have to cut the length at the back cause it is too long and put in the pig tails. I so hope that this is going to be ready in time.

17th August 2012

a pain in the neck

Well I've got Misa's choker done finished it on Wednesday this week as the hook and eye that I wanted to use originally were too big for it, so luckily enough in the sewing kit that I had with me (which came with much smaller hooks and eyes, so I used 2 small ones). I started sewing them on, but it was really fiddly as they just weren't staying in place. I tried it on as I went on to make sure that they were in the right place. After I had sewn them on I tried it on, but I realised that I had been trying it on with my head tilted forward, and when I put my head up, it was loose and just a little bit it was a lot loose. I then thought "Great I'll have to undo all the stitching that I did today (luckily enough it's only the hooks and eyes). Wait what if I sewed the hooks and eyes onto small pieces of fabric and then sew those patches onto the choker" but I didn't have any extra fabric with me in order to do this so I had to wait till I came back off from holiday in order to do it. and now it's done and it's another part that I can tick off on my list.

3rd August 2012


This is just an update of what I've done at the moment. Lately I've been working on Misa's choker which is almost done. I'm going on holiday very soon so I'm taking it with me to finish. I have also been practising how I'm going to put the eyelets into the dress and I'm just going to use a pair of scissors to cut the holes as I couldn't get the eyelet tool to work.

11th July 2012

1 pair of tights= 2 gloves

These were a slight pain to sought out. I first thought that it would be a good idea to sew over the edges but it took me hours just to do 1 end of the gloves, so I thought "screw it I am not going to bother sewing the ends". When I went to cut them for length they did come out a bit short but luckily enough they stretch. But the upper arm scallops seem to keep rolling down, so I took an iron to them (of course whilst not wearing them) and they seem to stay in place now.

22nd June 2012

make up tests

On Monday I did my very first make up test, but I did it again on Wednesday as on Monday it was with a lot of artificial light which I found just made my skin look orange, so on Wednesday I did another test when there was still some sunlight left and I felt a bit happier with it. But just to make sure I’m going to do a third test during the day and not when the sun is just setting. It took me quite a while to get the makeup as I have quite pale skin and all the foundations that I was trying weren't even close to it. I ended up getting a colour match foundation in the lightest shade possible.

23rd May 2012

so far

so far i have have the boots which are a pair of xx high converse, instaed of stockings or what ever it is that misa wears i have a pair of black lace tights, i have another pair of tights that are going to be choped up and made into the gloves and anything left over from the second pair of tights will be any lace detail that needs to be added. i have started misa's earrings i've just got to make the things or what ever they are called that hang of the chains. my death note is completed. and i also have a few of the small detail bits for the dress. i have the wig that i need i just need to style it when i can get the chance.

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