Karkat Vantas (Knight of Blood - Godtier) - Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures.



Eep I thought I already had this on here.

Apparently not. Anywhooo cosplay all the homestucks...or just the Karkats?

Simple cosplay~ since it's only the cape I have to make and sew red stripes to the trousers. ^^;

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19th May 2012

Knight of blood

My shirt arrived earlier this week~ This will be the comfort cosplay for sure. ahhh I'm not sure about wearing the damn hood up tbh but I'll see on the day.

6th May 2012


Oh and the hood to go with the cape has already been sliced & diced for the horns. It fits better on me than it does this wig head really. Now I just have to wait for base shirt, the knight of blood tshirt and trousers to arrive then I'll be done.

6th May 2012


Ironically I wasn't planning on making this until the end of summer but after spotting the best type of fabric while out hunting for wild cosplay materials. I came across the perfect brown fabric *I haven't a clue what it's called* but it's heavyish and doesn't need lined thankfully :D. It was onsale for cheap so why not? Since I've been working on other cosplays & the bag of fabric was staring at me...I ended up drafting out the pattern and having the cape already pinned out ready to be sewed up.

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