Harley Quinn (Arkham City ) - Batman Arkham City

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I've loved this for a while, never had the money to do it, its my first making of an outfit (I've bought some before though) I've got alot of craft and sewing experience but never people clothes XD so I know it wont be perfect, but if its wearable then it will be a success XD

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Make trousers.

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16th June 2012


I'm really not feeling great about this... I'm taking a LOT of time on it so I can get it done as nicely as possible... So who knows when it will make an appearance..

5th May 2012

Corset issues

I've botched it up =/ I've decided I am going to try and alter it, and if it doesn't work I shall start it over - I have plenty of fabric to do so. I am going to alter it to go over my waist training corset, i think that it will look much nicer ^_^

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