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Fuyucon 2007




I have idea's on the construction, which involves buying the items in question and adjusting them ^ ^;;;

I bought the dress and some silk pajama's and then i switched the sleeves of the dress with the cream coloured silk pajama sleeves and i used some pinky-purple silk pajama bottoms to wear underneath. The silk chinese shoes (which costed about £15) were a bit on the small side but suited the costume well, since the dress is a nice pink and the shoes are magenta.

The downsides: The shoes were a tad too small so i could only wear them for the masquerade. I had to wear sandals before and after. I kept worrying about the sleeves coming off because i didn't do any hemming. The trousers somehow split down the crotch area while I was wearing them at the cosplay ball/end party. I don't know how it happened, but the trousers can't be worn anymore. I guess that's what I get for buying cheap stuff ^ ^;;; I'm just thankful the dress covered everything lol

Another downside is I found that dispite the dress being a slightly larger size than I usually wear, I still found I couldn't breath very well. And one of the snaps came off too, so that needs repairing. I might also do extra stitching on the other snaps to make sure they don't pop off too.

I'm keeping an eye out for photo's from the masquerade to put on here :D


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