Ysera - World of Warcraft





I wore this to COSGAME in Melbourne - we successfully beat the Guiness Book of World Records's record for largest gathering of people dressed up as video game characters!

I won two prizes, was interviewed and was on the news!

Really great day, never been so cold in my life, sadly rained so a lot of my paint ended up getting washed off ):

Costume was almost completely handmade, except for the boots which I bought (plain black, $15 Big-W) and modded (: It was a very homemade looking costume, but was surprisingly substantial!

Such a great day.

Horns ended up not working, which was sad as they took the most time to make ): just couldn't strap them to my head in any way ugh. Also, the most expensive part of the costume - my white contact lenses - just refused to go in -.- so annoying. They were very pricey but I guess I just didn't practice enough with them before hand. Oh well, hopefully I'll get a chance to wear them at Comicon at the end of June.


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