Sima Yi - Dynasty Warriors 6 / Sengoku Musou 5




This was done in a month and I'm quite proud of the result. Quite glad that Sima Yi won over Guo Jia and Himiko. XD
There were a few firsts with this costume.
1. The extensive use of foam. The hat, the shoulder bit and the knees all used foam. I acquired a rather large amount of red foam when I made Xiao Qiao's fans so I used that. There's still quite a lot left. It took many coats of paint to make sure that the red couldn't be seen. And I finished it with varnish.
2. Using a hot glue gun. I think I used one once in year 7 for something very small, so this was quite a new thing. I tend to stick to costumes that stay away from glue, but doors have now been opened. I did have to re-glue a few bits after the first day of wear, but it wasn't too much.
All the designs on various parts of the costume were all hand painted from the hat to the cape and the shoes. I used acrylic and fabric paint where needed (I was impressed by the fabric paint). And because I'm not a great artist nothing is very symmetrical. ^^;
I did his robe thing in two parts: a skirt and a top, because when you look at it there's no way it'd be one thing...surely. I'm really pleased with the top. The material I got was worth the money and it feels like a jacket I could just wear out if it wasn't for the massive sleeves. Oh sleeves, why are you so difficult? I always find it hard to make them sit right and be the same... But the cuffs (if you could call them that)...the ends of the sleeves are lovely. It all went through my machine and looks really nice (I'm so used to my wonky hand sewing). I almost didn't put the parts with the lovely silvery pattern through because it was the most expensive material I've every bought...£15 per meter. D: What was I thinking? It's beautiful though. I did hand sew the silver on the top though to make sure it was lopsided the way I needed it to be.
The frog closures on the top were a pain to source and I had to settle for ones that weren't quite what I wanted because my local shop decided to stop selling them. ¬_¬
The pattern on the cape is supposed to be a bird I think. The quality of the screenshots on youtube weren't great, so I just drew out what I could see, made a few bits up and tried to then paint what I'd drawn. Haha, I need to practise painting. But at least it was a pretty perfect circle, because I used an embroidery hoop and painted within it. *genius, no?* I was going to troll and do the Mori crest that I did for Ranmaru because it's a bird and I know how to do it. Anyway, the cape was glued to the shoulder bits and tassels were glued on. Originally I was going to velcro the shoulder armor to the top, but I didn't want to ruin the top, so I hot glued ribbon to the shoulder armor and tied it under the cape. It held out all weekend, so it was all good.
The gold armbands were foam with gold ribbon hot glued on and then velcro to do up.
The obi was annoying. I can never get these things to fit how I want them too. So I just pulled it tight in the front and let the cape hide how ever the back ended up looking.
The patterned belt was hand painted and a button was used. It sits on his hips in a way doesn't really work in real life. Because once you start to walk it begins to slide off. I had to tuck it into my other belt on Saturday, but on the Sunday I pinned it to the obi to give it the whole sitting on the hip effect even as I walked.
The claws were done in the cheapest and easiest way possible because I didn't have much time and knew I wouldn't wear them for most of the time. I know Edward Scissorhands' pain, because you can't do anything once they're on. I bought some white gloves and long fake nails, painted them purple and glued them to the gloves. Then I added a few gold details. They could have been better, but hey-ho.
Now the fun part: the boots. These were an old pair I had stopped wearing because knee high boots were not longer my thing. I painted them up and it was all going so well...and then the soles came off within a few minutes of each other on Saturday. I don't even... I hot glued them and they lasted until I got home...just about. On the Sunday I used a different glue and that held them, but I'll need to remake them if I re-wear him in the future. Sad times.
The final touch was my attempt at looking manry. I tried some crossplay make-up tutorials...I think I look weird, but then again I'm not used to wearing any make-up at I think I look weird in normal eye liner. Opinions would be good. ^^

If you read all of that...well done and thank you? Any questions, ask away~


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