Ciel Phantomhive (custom) - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) - manga


Hyper Japan Spring 2012

none, only the hearts of some fans XD




I really wanted to give Ciel a go as my first costume, i had never fully cosplayed before~ i really wanted to mere lots of ideas i had together to create a costume i would really like and would suit Ciel, so i gave it a go. I had started with some designs scribbled on paper and it evolved to become the end result!

I wore it in the cosparade with a friend who cosplayed sebastian, i had also made her costume seeing as sewing machines tend to disagree with her.. Unfortunately we didn't win, but i had wandered about with a violin so i was soon recoginsed onstage and got a few yells, which i cared for more than winning anything ^-^

i will say, satin shorts in the freezing cold in London was not the most pleasant of experiences, but it had been so warm inside that i guess it was either boil or freeze, i chose the latter~ I will recommend wearing short underneath anything thin ( i did and it proved quite useful) and bring tissues to mop your forehead when inside a hall full of people (very, very warm)..

To be honest, static doesn't really affect wigs too much if you style them with good old hairspray, so there were no worries there! i will say one of my favourite parts to make was the jewellery~ clip on earrings to make your ears sore if they're quite tight, but i think its worth it~~~ if the earrings are really big though, make sure you are careful with them catching on wigs and so on if you do have pierced ears.. it will hurt

If you have instruments.. bring them! its great fun to have a play and it really sparks the imagination of fans that walk about! i did it because y'no Ciel was taught the violin in an episode of the anime~~ i am a bit of a violin nut.. the violin stayed stuck to me all day~ what makes it even more fun is if you make the instrument suit the character even more~ (i just brang my little one because its worth far less than my 'pride and joy')

Jeez i can't wait till next year!


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