King Tonberry
final fantasy

Cosplayer: GoldieNeko

Variant: Fan Art

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th May 2012: Fabric Tests Okay so this is a first for me, instead of just blazing through and getting the right colour fabric off the bat I have had to go and bleach some fabric I found nice and cheap to suit Tonberrys robes. And this is the results of my testing! The furthest to the right is unbleached and it varys from spraying onto the fabric to just plain dunking it full on into a bath of the stuff. I am quite pleased to say the winner on method tis the bleach bath! Now time to cut me fabric and the the pieces bleached and painted before sewing em all together!

10th May 2012: Time to wake up! God bless pound-land! I wandered in there with no intent on finding anything cosplay related and low and behold I an struck by inspiration as i looked upon an strange array of objects. Fake candles, real candles and old Tupperware make me think, LANTERN! X3 So the lantern is well underway, I just need to wake myself up and get my butt down to Goldhawke road so I can buy the fabric I require so this and hopefully that'll be everything i require to get Tonberry done in time for expo. Barely two weeks left before the due dat and I am shitting a brick as i have to balance work with cosplay yet again. CURSE YOU EMPLOYMENT FOR TAKING AWAY VALUABLE COSPLAY TIME! Why can you not pay me and let me work on Cosplay in peace!? TT.TT

5th May 2012: Getting Me Head Together Yup that is right folks! Goldie Neko is at it again! Another stupidly large cosplay to get finished in a stupidly short amount of time! So first things first, A gals gotta her head together. Which Tonberry requires also. I'm currently on my 12th layer of my heavy duty paper mache and I just just the LED's wired up for the eyes! Though I did kinda explode the first lot of LEDs I got by using too big a battery LOL!

Will this monarch of the monster world be ready to reign over MCM Expo May 2012? Watch this space to find out!

SilveraDestinova avatar

SilveraDestinova - 29th April 2012
Awesome I'm really looking forward to this! =D

Kata-san avatar

Kata-san - 10th May 2012
I love the Tonberry's! I can't wait to see this at MCM.

FusionRose avatar

FusionRose - 15th May 2012
Rawrrr .... this is epic @.@ Stop being so good and making the rest of us look bad xDD lol only joking hun x

BabemRoze avatar

BabemRoze - 15th May 2012

Acanatane avatar

Acanatane - 16th May 2012
this looks awesome already!