Misa Amane (Her 1st apperance in death note anime I believe but can't fully remember but it's the black corset type dress) - Death Note Anime





Making her first apperance dress out of an old dress I found in my wardorde never even worn it, sadly it won't be perfect but this is my first attempted at altering/making my own Cosplay just got to order the lace trim really just been putting it off, have added the lace trim, a white ribbon and the corset detail, all that's left is the to add arm warmers, stockings and the suspender belt which I may or may not add. I now have her necklace and I've found a chocker which I had gotten several years ago for a halloween party. Very close to completing now just need arm warmers and maybe some better foot wear but I have an idea for them and there for all I need is some better shoe laces and insoles as the shoe's sole has worn


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