Noyamano Rika (Brainwashed) - Air Gear





For Ayacon 2013. This is next years big project, something I'm slowly worked towards, and hopefully I'll have developed a good enough skill set by then to get the effect I desire for this costume.
It's an insane one, for anyone who hasn't followed the later Air Gear chapters, and has a lot more detail than the Air Gear costumes I've done before. After this I'm swearing off Air Gear Cosplay.
Basically, this is the form where Rika has been brainwashed into joining Genesis as Thorn Queen, becoming a brain charger. She has the original Thorn Regalia (10.7) in this form, which gives her the power to convert her AT's into a bow that creates a sonic boom. Boot bow will make for some really epic photo poses.
With any luck we will get together a Regalia group for Aya.


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