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So, originally when it came to My Little Pony I wanted to cosplay as either Fluttershy or Princess Celestia ( even though most people think of her as a troll). An then season two came along and I was blown right out of orbit when Princess Cadence made her debut in the My Little Pony: Royal Wedding. I loved her character so much, and she reminded me so much of some of the Disney princesses in the early years like Princess Aurora and a little bit of Ariel somewhere in there. She ended up being my favorite pony in the entire series and I knew I had to cosplay her.

I originally made a dress for Anime Expo and debuted Cadence during AX 2013, but to be honest I really wasn't happy with how the dress turned out. The dress wasn't poofy enough, it was awfully and lazily put together, my wings sucked, my wig made me look awkward and I just really hated wearing it. So I retired her right after Expo :/ But as of recently, I decided to go Cinderella on it. I revised my dress, ripped it apart from the seams and completely remade everything. I altered the design just slightly, the bodice is the same material but I added an extra panel in the back so it fit better and I binded it around the bottom and the bustline of the dress. The Crystal heart on the bust and the rhinestones on the Bodice are still there, but I have to add more of them on so it doesn't look so plain.

The skirt was the main redesign, I decided to turn the dress into a high-low hem skirt so it has a nice drape in the back. I hacked the dress from the bottom into high low shape that sits a little above my knees. I made it into a slight scallop shape and then binded them with leftover gold fabric. I added one of the Crystal hearts and two flatback pearls on the points of the scallops, then sewed some pink tulle on the waist toward the back, and added a bustle of 3 different fabrics. A beaded organza that goes all around, a gold shanting fabric, and a pink sheer material that has an ombrè color scheme and had purple sequins and some beading.

I altered the shoes similar to the shape of the ones she wears on the show with craft foam, and I made my wings out of craft foam and feathers. I thought of making a necklace with the leftover craft foam, but I'm still debating.

I also broke down and bought the Melody wig from Arda, I still have my old wig incase it didn't come on time and I bought my horn and ears from someone on Etsy. The gloves and crown are still the same ones I used the first time. My friend Coty was being Shining Armor for the Pony meet up so I'll probably be there to pose with him XD


PandoraCaitiff posted on 22 April, 2012 - 18:55
*hoofbump* Hah! Glad I'm not the only one totally inspired by the episode! If you manage to find a Shining Armour, and wear your costume at an event I go to, I'll definitely spare some time to spoil your wedding with my Changeling ways! ;-)

Crystal-Heart Cosplay posted on 22 April, 2012 - 23:28
Nuuuuu Don't spoil my wedding again TT_TT Shining Armor my love will stop you >:D

gaming_goddess posted on 26 September, 2012 - 06:56
Those boots are amazing :) Love them so much :) Looking forward to seeing the rest of the cosplay :D

Shinigami_ky posted on 26 September, 2012 - 09:15
Those boots are beautiful! This looks like it's going to be awesome!

Kouji posted on 6 January, 2014 - 08:32
reaaaally pretty <3

Crystal-Heart Cosplay posted on 8 January, 2014 - 23:18
Thank you so much :)

PandoraCaitiff posted on 27 July, 2014 - 23:57
Super cute! It came out really well. I love it :D

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Progress Journal

18th November 2013

Cadence is getting an update

So....I plan on wearing Cadence again after Anime Expo. I think after Anime Expo I didn't feel as great wearing the costume, a lot of the elements were very last minute and I never really got to do what I originally planned with Princess Cadence in that short timespan I spent working on her.

But now I think it's about time I give her a fresh new update. :) Just like Ariel I'm going to be reworking her quite a bit so she'll look brand spanking new for Anime Los Angeles this coming year. All I know so far is I'm planing on getting a new wig, a better pair of wings and a new horn and ears. I may get a tail as well for the back of the dress ;D

24th January 2013

Bodice Detailing

Here's the crystal heart ^^

24th January 2013

Cutie Mark Pendant'

The pendant was kind of a mixed bag. I initially was kind of hoping that the heart would actually be a bit larger in size but I really shouldn't complain about it since it ended up being the perfect shade of aqua anyway :3

The gold filigree design on the sides were made from leftover sculpy clay that I salvaged from my Ariel shells. :) I'm quite happy with it but I really think I might change the chain. I even placed one of the spare hearts on the bodice of my dress ^ 3 ^

1st January 2013

Ordered a bunch of Stuff XDDDD

With some of the money I managed to score from my aunts after Christmas ended, I literally went on a Princess Cadance shopping spree XDD. I already ordered my rhinestones for the cutie mark Pendant, my wings and my new Cadance Wig which I managed to find a couple days ago :3

This one was a lot more reasonably priced and sort of had the shades of color I was looking for. XDDD Now I just have to buy my Shining Armor his wig, my boots, tights, gloves, fabric and pattern for the skirt. Oh! And the stuff for the crown :3

1st January 2013

Horn and Ears complete ^^

Just finished the Horn and ears out of some sculpy that I had lying around leftover from my Ariel bra. ^^

I even added little clips on the ears so they can sit on my head ^^ But I put them in after this was taken X3

30th December 2012

Rhinestone Detailing

I forgot to upload a close-up shot of my Cadence bodice :o

So here it is. All hand glued

14th October 2012

Progress update

I haven't been able to get much done for this costume as of yet. For now I actually just finished my tiara and I already have my horns baked and are ready to be painted :D

Lot of rhinestones were used while I was making the crown. I just hope I have enough for my Ariel fin and the skirt for Cadence by the end :|