Costume :The Voice Card
Source :Card Captor Sakura
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Group shot

MCM Expo

MCM Expo

More tests!


Wig and makeup test

Wings Progress

Bottom of tunic ref

Wing ref

The Voice


Costume Information

For the Clow Card cosplay group 2013.


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Cant wait for this! I love the Voice card

by Darkiekun on Monday, 4 March, 2013 - 12:48

would love to see this!!!

by Tori Yummai on Friday, 22 March, 2013 - 12:49
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cannot wait to see this <3 The Voice has such a beautiful design! You'll look fab :)

by Lady-Aira on Sunday, 24 March, 2013 - 20:32
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Lovely cosplay choice! Looking forward to seeing it =D

by Kacela on Tuesday, 26 March, 2013 - 16:21
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This looks interesting, looking forward to seeing it!

by BlueberryTale on Tuesday, 2 April, 2013 - 23:05
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wow cant wait to see this :)

by dan-dan on Sunday, 7 April, 2013 - 18:52
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Oooo - just seen this one, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

by Starbucks dad on Monday, 8 April, 2013 - 19:17
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Thankyou, I'm really excited for the group!

by Carmina on Monday, 8 April, 2013 - 21:43
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Hope to see this, great choice!

by Deathblow_Prime on Thursday, 18 April, 2013 - 15:35
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Cannot wait for this group! <3 The Voice is super cute, looking forward to seeing you as her! We can be super pink together haha >w<

by KiraraYumi on Saturday, 4 May, 2013 - 16:27
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I can't wait to see this - Voice has such a cute design! <3 Awesome choice!

by miss-fuu-chan on Thursday, 1 August, 2013 - 17:35
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Looking great so far :)

by Siouxsie James on Sunday, 22 September, 2013 - 13:51
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This looks lovely! I see your forming a clow card group - thats fantastic! - maybe I'll see you at the expo in three weeks? I believe there is a CLAMP meet there, I'll be in my Princess Emeraude ^^ x

by Raye-chan on Friday, 4 October, 2013 - 16:18
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@Raye-chan Yes, I'm planning on being at the Clamp meet, I shall hopefully see you there and I'll look forward to seeing your Emeraude!

by Carmina on Friday, 4 October, 2013 - 17:07
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Oh wow! You look so cool! I love that the end feathers are a different colour than the rest :D Can't wait to see in person! <3

by Lady Bahamut on Sunday, 13 October, 2013 - 13:43
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D'awww the wings are so cute!

by White Tigress on Sunday, 13 October, 2013 - 14:48
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Looking great :) I absolutely love the wings

by Zelvyne on Sunday, 13 October, 2013 - 15:50
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This is beautiful....

by Starbucks dad on Sunday, 13 October, 2013 - 16:08
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I love those wings so much! Looks wonderful

by ToroSonyCat on Sunday, 13 October, 2013 - 20:31
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Absolutely gorgeous work on those wings!

by Alouette on Monday, 14 October, 2013 - 23:28
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^o^ Awesome. The wings are looking both lovely and adorable.

by Ashy-kun on Thursday, 17 October, 2013 - 12:56
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This was amazing!! really awesome costume!!

by Siouxsie James on Thursday, 31 October, 2013 - 12:15
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It was lovely meeting you again and I just LOVED your wings! <3 Your contacts still haunt my dreams 8D

by Lady Bahamut on Thursday, 31 October, 2013 - 21:07
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Thankyou! Every time I wear contacts for something I get told I look creepy!

by Carmina on Thursday, 31 October, 2013 - 22:43
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^O^ Yay for awesome Clow Card cosplays. Everyone looks great.

by Ashy-kun on Sunday, 3 November, 2013 - 11:41
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This is absolutely beautiful ^__^ Brilliant work!

by Moonlight_Requiem on Wednesday, 5 February, 2014 - 12:27
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So beautiful! Amazing work! :D

by miss-fuu-chan on Friday, 26 September, 2014 - 07:09
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This is really pretty!

by Spectreon on Monday, 10 August, 2015 - 14:07
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This looks so awesome you suit XD

by Ranmaru cosplays on Monday, 24 August, 2015 - 19:28
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This is amazing! I especially love how you tackled the arm wings <3
You look gorgeous!

by TheStarlightFairy on Wednesday, 27 January, 2016 - 18:25
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This is epic I wish I saw it for real! Well done

by Darkiekun on Wednesday, 11 May, 2016 - 22:58


Nearing completion (Posted 8th October 2013)

Actually nearly finished this now. I need to take some more time over the weekend to get proper pictures with my makeup and contacts.

Progress (Posted 2nd September 2013)

Finally got started on this so I can feel less guilty about it. Progress thus far:

* Tunic cut out a started to sew together.
* Fringe hem cut and started to sew together.
* Neck thing cut and sewn together.
* Wings cut out and sewn together.
* Feathers cut and started to be stuck down.

This really is pink though and I'm not really a "pink" sort of person. I have pink felt, pink foam, pink fabric and pink feathers everywhere. Plus the wig and the facepaint... yeah, also pink. Maybe if I get the time I'll buy some contacts to complete the look- I think they'll look nicely inhuman.