The Silent Card - Card Captor Sakura

Worn AtLondon MCM Expo Comic Con October 2013




For the Clow Card group Oct 2013 :D

I want to thank DragonMistress on and street-angel on Cosplay Island for construction help! :)

Video: Please watch from 2:51


blackorcid posted on 23 April, 2012 - 18:15
This is gonna be awesome :D

BladeyCakes posted on 30 October, 2013 - 19:24
Honestly loved this cosplay <3 wonderful work hun 8D

Kouji posted on 31 October, 2013 - 11:53
amazing work you've doe here *A*

Lady Bahamut posted on 31 October, 2013 - 21:05
I know how hard you worked on this and it looked really awesome! You should be proud ^^

Carmina posted on 31 October, 2013 - 23:04
Everything came together so well. The dress was really awesome and it looked absolutely perfect!

Ashy-kun posted on 3 November, 2013 - 11:42
This looks just magnificent.

nolla posted on 4 November, 2014 - 00:36
You look amazing!!!!

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Progress Journal

Change of plan (Posted 12th October 2013)

Decided against snap fasteners as the process of measuring where to place them wasn't fun. Instead I'll sew the collar to the dress at the shoulders, so I should still be able to be zipped up fine ^^

Collar issues (Posted 5th October 2013)

Still working on my collar. Gona add snap fasteners to secure it to my dress (will be hidden underneath).

Collar pattern done (Posted 30th September 2013)

Make a practice collar, not interfaced. Here's a photo of my pattern. Collar with real fabric next! ^^

Progess! (Posted 23rd September 2013)

Fixing my back sizing was surprisingly fast. I still used my practice zip to be sure, then replaced it with my proper zip. I'm currently working on my collar paper pattern, got the front done. I've been fiddling with interfacing too.

Skirt part done. Back issues (Posted 14th September 2013)

Skirt all sewn to bodice with folds. But somehow, the middle of my bodice back is way too big. Only the middle. OTL *sigh* Means more re-sizing my back just like my Sakura Epilogue dress. I'm going to use a spare white invisible zip while I re-size it. I know from experience if I repeatedly sew an invisible zip into a bodice as I re-size it several times, it will wear away the zip and it won't be as strong. So the white one will be used until my back is sized correctly and then I'll insert my navy invisible zip.

Also attempting to draft collar at the same time. I'll be making a draft collar with practice fabric as can't rick messing up my main taffeta fabric with the first draft.

Skirt nearly sewn together (Posted 26th August 2013)

Sewed the skirt panels together today. Just need to connect the front and back panels. Then, I'll need to pin the bodice into that "V" shape and fiddle with my skirt to have folds like in the ref ^^

Sleeves Done (Posted 24th August 2013)

Finally finished both sleeves today. Monday starting skirt part of dress. Work is really eating into my cosplay time XD As expected.

Slowly Slowly (Posted 5th August 2013)

Finally starting real sleeves after making my practice one. This needs to be sewn properly (pinned at the sleeve seam right now) and ironed neatly.

Started sleeves (Posted 12th July 2013)

I'm making a practice sleeve/wrist area before using my real fabric. I want to be 100% happy with the "diamond" shape before moving onto real fabric ^^

Bodice Lined (Posted 7th July 2013)

Wow this is my first cosplay to go over the £100 mark *_*" And quite a bit has gone to wig and ears XD Its worth it for accuracy though :) Lined my bodice today. Its longer than necessary so I can cut it to the V shape like in the ref.

Finally starting! ^_^ (Posted 21st June 2013)

Bought more fabric/stuff needed. Will cut out fabric and start on the bodice soon. Decided to not use boning in bodice (though might use some on the shoulder thingy to keep it upright). Lining the bodice is gona be boring >_<

Not starting yet (Posted 23rd May 2013)

Wow this has been sitting here a while!! I'm not ready to begin this cosplay as I'm juust finishing off my Sakura (TRC) Epilogue cosplay. I'll need to make a draft bodice as I've never worked with boning before :s

A bit of early planning (Posted 28th April 2012)

I'm gona do some early planning, a few rough sketches & a pattern check. I think I can use patterns I've already bought. Probably won't start making this until end of this year/beginning of 2013 ^^ Just adore this dress!!