Lumpy Space Princess - Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

Worn AtLondon MCM Expo May 2012




Replacing Bubbles :3

I shall have an Ice Queen and a Fionna with me 8D

Need to make the antidote orb thingy! Can't become a Smoooooooth Poser with out it!


InfiniteJester posted on 22 April, 2012 - 08:32
oh gosh yes! I love LSP!

Saffron posted on 22 April, 2012 - 11:26
Ahhh I love you for this!!!

PirateToaster posted on 27 April, 2012 - 11:47

Felixize posted on 29 April, 2012 - 15:59
Oh my gosh I can't wait to see you finish this <3<3 So much love for LSP!!

Ria posted on 7 May, 2012 - 22:44
that looks amazing! hope i see you around!

gaming_goddess posted on 11 May, 2012 - 09:30
Progress is looking awesome :D Love the dress and the makeup test was so cool :D

Captain_Marvelous posted on 11 May, 2012 - 10:30
Oh my glob! this is lumpin awesome!

Solaria posted on 11 May, 2012 - 16:21
OMG <3 SO amazing you really suit purple as well xD

nadsnadine posted on 11 May, 2012 - 18:22
The dress looks fantastic as does the makeup.

Karakulz posted on 11 May, 2012 - 19:49
I LOVE This! The Dress is awesome and the Make-up is great, LOVE the false Lashes <3

Saffron posted on 12 May, 2012 - 02:32
Make up looks great :)

sarmander posted on 12 May, 2012 - 23:30
Oh my glob, LSP! ALGEBRAIC! It would be wicked if we bumped into you guys at Expo, especially as I'll be Jake with Finn, Marceline and Bubblegum~ X3 Can't wait to see it all finished!

eternal_aranel posted on 18 May, 2012 - 14:44
Ah!! Like, that's totally awesome

InfiniteJester posted on 18 May, 2012 - 15:13
looks great!

KiraraYumi posted on 18 May, 2012 - 21:59
Whoa, this is fantastic! 8D

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Progress Journal

Shoes 8D (Posted 17th May 2012)

So my shoes have arrived (sorry no picture yet ;3;) at first I was going to make them as a base and then the rest of the boot would be almost like a sock. But I haven't been very well and I don't know if I'll manage to actually get them done in time for Expo. So depending on how it looks when my tights arrive I'll just wear my new shoes with my tights, and make the boots for when I re-wear LSP as Japan Expo in july and possibly again for Amecon~

Wig and Paint! (Posted 11th May 2012)

My new wig and paints came so I had a play around c:
I don't like myself in this wig D: It does nothing for my face shape ;____; I'm tempted to try and curl the one I used on monday just so I can have the fringe...

Progress: lining (Posted 7th May 2012)

The lining of my LSP puff ball dress~
2-3 hours so far.

all the pieces were cut out in the lining material and calico then the lining mounted to the calico before being stitched together. Rigiline is used to bone the bodice and give it stucture.
The skirt is just a straight strip with a couple of pleats in the back to make it fit around the bum.

Fabriccccccccccccccccc 8D (Posted 28th April 2012)

So I went to London to day with the wonderful Marisa and bought my fabric *____*
Because there's next to NO stretch in the material and I need to make the boot covers I ended up getting 3 zips, one for the actual dress and two for the boots xDD
I can not WAIT to now get started *___* Shame I've lost use of the sewing room for now as my mother is using it to make an Elizabethan dress~

I also bought my wig during the week!
So excited for it to arrive <3