rayoumi, soi fong, peach, mai valentine and lenne (all my older cosplays gorup together) - battle vixens, final fantasy X, bleach, yugioh and mario





i have decided to put all my old cosplays together under one file, i have hardly any pictures and its not really worth my making a new file for each one.

Peach - this is defo bought of ebay, last min so i could cosplay at the gamestation where i worked for the wii launch, i know its kinda sucky to add this here, but hey, its is tecnically still cosplay.

Soi fong - my second cosplay ever, in fact i did this one at london expo oct 05! before soi fong was in the anime or the manga translation (you only saw her in the scanlation), so people kepy comming up and asking if i was cosplaying at rukia! madness! hehe and the black wig i ordered didnt arrived, so i had to spray a brown one black, problem was that the black dye kept rubbing off = one very messy pheonix. i gave my shinigami cosplay away this year to a good friend, so she could try cosplaying as well.

lenne - my first ever cosplay! and one of the only times i ever got away without having to wear a wig! haha bliss! it was great fun and really spark my passion for the cosplaying, worn at ayacon 05.

mai valentine - taken from the seires yugioh, at the time i was very much into the TCG and wanted to do a cosplay of her since she was sooo cool, easy and fun to wear and a frist experience of what happens when you put purple dye into the washing machine but DONT clean it out afterwards!

rayoumi - taken from battle vixans, i lvoed this so much and only work in once at minamicon 06, its was always missing the wig and handcuff which was a pitty, on the saturday i broke the zip and kazz had to sew me in! not cool >_<


MangaChild posted on 28 January, 2008 - 17:51
A lot of these costumes are really cool you should show them off more and have seperate profiles XD Great work tho