Disney's Little Mermaid

Cosplayer: ElegantAura

Variant: 'Kiss the Girl'

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

18th October 2013: Almost there... I'm getting closer to finishing this costume and hopefully just in time for mcm expo too!
I've finished the skirt, its gathered to create some volume, i'm hoping i have time and money to make a petticoat to add even more.
I bought a navy blue corset from ebay to save time and stress but i altered the neckline and sewed a central hem on the front so it was more accurate.
Just the top left to make (I'm wearing my work shirt here) and i'm in the middle of sewing it, will hopefully get it done by the weekend and I will be a happy mermaid!

13th October 2013: Long Red Locks I have my wig more or less ready for this cosplay now, I had trouble finding the right colour and references weren't very helpful. I bought one wig, but it turned out far far too bright but thankfully my boyfriend got me another which is much darker but a lovely colour! I do wish it were a tad longer but i can't have everything haha I might add extra wefts in future but will leave the length and the fringe like this for now :)

29th September 2013: I think something's starting right now! I've taken my sweet time getting started on this costume and with only a month left to complete it from scratch, i have a lot of work to do. I might be cheeky and purchase a corset if time gets tight, but i'm looking forward to attempting to make one; I plan to use my old white queen corset as reference to make a pattern and such.
I have a red wig, which i'm unsure of the colour, as it's brighter than i expected it to be, but i think i'll just have to work with it.
I've got the skirt part of the dress pinned and waiting for sewing, along with the hair bow pieces.
I struggled to find any extremely light blue fabric for the top of the dress, so i purchased enough of the pale blue i had for the bow and would like to bleach it to lighten it.
I must really get to work if i want this to come together for mcm expo in time!

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Mermaid2love - 27th November 2013
have you joined? ”The Little Mermaid Cosplayers” group on Facebook ? please join in the swim