Sarah Bryant - Virtua Fighter




I was musing on fighting game girls. A little part of me wants to cosplay from every major fighting game series, so I considered who was in Virtua Fighter. Although Vanessa's the Muay Thai fighter, I'm about as un-tan as can be, so she was out.

Then I realised I own LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE THING I NEED FOR THIS COSTUME. Spare blue fabric from Electra, black fingerless gloves from I-no, blonde ponytail wig and clip can be reused from Mature's new wig, zip, boots and belt are generic and kicking around.


And all I need to do is cut and sew up a sleeveless catsuit which will take less than an hour. I could probably do it in my sleep.


EDIT: From one muscley-armed Sarah to another - since Sarah Connor is on hold I need another costume to wear at Expo. Let's see if I can respond to the challenge and make up the costume in a single night ^_~

EDIT 2: OK, more like 2 hours since I decided to hand-sew the zip and try out my new rolled hem foot, but still.


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