Samwise Gamgee - Lord of The Rings


The Lord of the Rings is a series that is very important to me; I read all three books with my dad when I was nine years old, so it's a significant part of my childhood.

I love the Hobbits. Like, there are no words to describe. And I assosciated with Sam the most (POTATOES!)... and I have a Mister Frodo too!

And somehow I've blagged myself a Pippin and a Merry... oh, and an Aragorn too~ Can't wait to start experimenting with stubble... hurhur

Immy posted on 2 August, 2012 - 10:57
Whooo ys pls!!!

Frying Pan
Elven Brooch
Brown Jacket
Cropped Trousers
Woollen Waistcoat
Elven Cloak

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