Suu (White dress with Blue Ribbon. Shown in back of artbook) - Clover


Auchinawa 2010




I chose to make this as my first made cosplay as it was a simple dress with no sleeves. It taught me about using a pattern. I also really loved how elegant it looked despite its simplicity.

The hardest part was sizing the bust. Also during piecing it together a couple of days before the con, my sewing machine broke (which caused so much stress and meant I had to go to a local sewing shop and use one of their machines)

I felt really cute when I wore the cosplay. When it debuted people kept telling me how cute I looked so that was a big boost of self esteem.

The wings however I did not make, Yaya Han made them and I bought them at Auchinawa as I felt they were the perfect compliment to the cosplay (although they are not accurate) I shall probably do another Suu cosplay and make her real wings as she is a character I really enjoy portraying.


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