Link (Main Outfit) - Legend of Zelda - Twighlight Princess




I saw this video of a guy doing a legend of zelda rap, plus i see people doing cos-plays of link all the time so i'd thought i'd have a go at cos-playing him.

The easy part was going out the location and taking the photos, had a lot of weird stares from people but it was fun to do.

The hardest part was styling the wig correctly because it took ages to find the right wig but then I had to restyle it as link has it and cut it to the right length and i'm not a hairdresser.

I loved wearing the costume. My friends who were taking the pictures for me were speechless when they saw me and some of the people walking around as we took photos had strange looks, but the kids were like, 'He looks like link!' So it was really fun to do


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