Naoto Shirogane (Summer Uniform) - Persona 4




Taken to MCM Expo may 2012 on the Friday and Sunday.

I feel so tall compared to others wearing this. The thing is I'm meant to be the smallest member of the party. Still fun to wear though even if half my belt loops broke and my stitching got undone...again (that always happens though!) and even if it was a bit painful walking on Sunday because of Saturday hijinks.


Oxford Shirts for the win. I had a shirt pattern since I was going to try and make the shirt for the winter uniform but I then decided to buy one so I tried making one for the Summer Uniform. I also added belt loops to the trousers albeit if they look a bit crap up close.

Luckily that was pretty easy to make. It's really comfy as well. I wore this to Kitacon on the Sunday and not many people recognised me (perhaps I should have been tied to a table or something along those lines) so I'm probably going to try get some photos of this at Expo (there's a good chance I'm wearing this on the Friday). Also wore this to the Sunday karaoke. Now that was awesome. As was critical hitting a Kyubey plush.


NorthamptonGuy posted on 1 June, 2012 - 01:55
Some great shoots you got there. May Expo so warm this year. Summer version good for hot weather. or not this year?