Motochika Chosokabe (commission) - Sengoku BASARA



Commission consisted of:

Jacket - faux suede, printed cotton lining. Gold buttons, shoe laces.

Lower jacket - faux suede, printed cotton lining.

Orange belt - faux suede.

Pink tie - tie-dyed fabric.

Trousers - pink cotton with pattern painted on using fabric paints. (I painted the pattern onto the trousers after taking the photos, so you can't see them here.) Armour bit consisted of real and fake leather backing, painted plastic card, metal chain and hoops. Trousers have pockets.

Sash - metal studs on leather, black fabric with white net layered on top. (Same materials used on the top of the armlets.)

Armlets, greaves, neck guard - EVA foam, buttons, gem-tac, metal stud. The neck guard and greaves were heat-moulded for the neck shape and knee shape. Armlets and greaves were weathered.

Toe socks - fake leather.

Gloves - pre-made purple gloves, fake leather, studs.

Eye patch - veg tan leather, moulded and then dyed.

Anchor weapon - plastic piping, EVA, cardboard, mod roc, gesso, huge chain from a joke/costume shop.

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