Death the Kid - Soul Eater




After really getting into the Soul Eater anime, I thought it would be daft not to cosplay from it! With my sister wanting to cosplay it too, that sealed the deal, and I decided to make a Death the Kid cosplay!

This costume had a few more intricate parts to it than my previous cosplays. The necktie skull and matching skull rings were made with basic crafting foam and a lick of paint. The suit jacket was simple enough to make, just a charity shop buy with some sewn white material for stripes. Since I already had a Desert Eagle for my Spike cosplay, I bought another for "Patti and Liz"! Again, a little paint and some extra additions and I was pretty much set! Finally, I used white hair spray to create the white hair stripes.

I learnt LOADS of things from this cosplay. First, don't make a costume when you're pushed for time. Seriously, don't. There were parts of the guns that could have been made much better, but I simply ran out of time. Also, I tried the white hairspray ON THE DAY, hoping it would work well. It didn't. So if you're wanting to make sure your cosplay looks 100%, make sure you're ready well before! I know it's obvious but I really fell into this trap! Other than that, I had a real blast and would definitely recommend cosplaying this. Just don't be surprised by all the symmetrical jokes you'll get!


cosplaymatt1 posted on 23 April, 2012 - 20:26
yay finally you put this up :D . you missed out me as black star thou lol . favorite quote: hey kid 7 . nooooooooo it must be 8

gbow posted on 24 April, 2012 - 00:08
haha! you picked the worst possible picture of me!! 8'D Ahh I loved your Kiddo cosplay! Hope to be seeing you again in may!! :D