Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop




My second "proper" cosplay after my very half-hearted Neo (Matrix) the October before.

Since Cowboy Bebop was (and probably still is!) my favourite anime of all time, I really wanted to cosplay Spike, since he's naturally so badass! I went vintage shopping in London to try and find the blue suit. It was a long LONG day, but I finally found the perfect suit in Blackout II (Covent Garden). It was far too big for my small build, but this actually worked in my favour, since I was able to pull across one side of the front to create the sort of "flap" for Spike.

I bought a yellow shirt with a reasonably large collar from eBay for only £2. Tie and shoes I already had. To make the blue lining for the sleeves, lapel and the two stripes, I simply bought some blue cotton material from a charity shop. To make my already curly hair stick up like crazy, we back combed the hell out of it and sprayed it like mad with manga head. Eventually we used "got2b glued" hair spray instead. Finally, no Spike would be complete without his trusty Jericho handgun! Unfortunately, my local airsoft store only had a Jericho in a gas-powered BB gun, which was both expensive and prohibited for Expo! Instead, I decided to go for a much cheaper (~£20) Desert Eagle, which is practically a bigger version of the Jericho.

I felt like this cosplay was a lot more rounded than my previous cosplays. It was practically all sound with regards to the anime references, and was also really comfy to wear. That being said, the suit was a little itchy on the legs, and brushing the back combed hair out was pretty painful!! If I was to change any part of my costume, it would be the blue label and "stripes". Whilst they were 'okay', I think they could be made to look better, and since they are one of the main distinguishing features of the costume, I think it is important for them to look good.

Overall, another fantastic cosplay, especially with my sister "www.cosplayisland.com/overview/Whatsername" playing as Faye!


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