Roxas (Organisation 13 Roxas) - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days




so recently I majorly got into Kingdom Hearts and the first game i bought was 358/2 days, in which Roxas is the main character. so i kinda fell in love with him and his struggle to know what to do, as that's how i feel half the time, and his friendship with Axel and Xion.
I bought the coat early march and it arrived early april. it is now my favorite item of clothing by so much. I was waiting till the coat arrived to style the wig. and i need a couple of different pieces of wood for my keyblade.
I'm very much looking forward to cosplaying Roxas at the MCM london expo in late may. :D


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16th April 2012

More stuff for the keyblade

So i already had a good length dowel for the centre of the keyblade, but today i finally got around to buying a plank to make the crossguard and teeth out of